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I’ve been throwing up emotions for 26 hours now
all because of two words:
“we kissed.”
Anger and rage
and sadness and brokenness
have been crawling up my throat just waiting to spew out.
All this, but I can’t purge you from my system
because you took what wasn’t yours,
you planted a seed of your vile being inside my heart.
I can’t seem to walk away.
I can’t see straight.
A reflection of myself in the mirror would be worthless,
because you’ve made me stumble so far I can’t even see who I am.
Who am I?
I don’t know how to forgive me, I don’t.
I don’t know how to forgive you;
I stood naked spiritually and physically in front of you
and watched you undress me and eat me up, alive in one piece,
and your lips on another person’s body
is enough
for me to stick two fingers down my throat
until I’ve made myself so sick
I can’t breathe.
I put lust
where my faith was supposed to go
and watched you put it
in the waste basket.
Goodbye. stream of consciousness—m.g. (via feeltherainx41)

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You can not wrap yourself around someone, hoping their flesh will fill in your cracked edges. remind me of this at 2 am when i want your arms around me. (via poapie)

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They say your skin regenerates in 4 weeks
And you have not touched me in 2 years.
I have become completely new
26 times
So tell me why
Does my skin still feel like you?
How is it that my body still flinches away
from another’s touch?
And I am still not capable
Of absorbing another’s love?
Nothing about me feels clean or new.
I am used and broken
I have collected rust
And I will destroy the people
who cut themselves on me. Rust - V.P. (via bandaids-for-the-heart)

(via bandaids-for-the-heart)

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this is so important

some people don’t get it and just give up